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Pic provided by Gregory Carnwell
Used by permission

Old World craftsmanship in modern designs.  The exotic woods of the world, brought to you in style! 

Please read the return policy outlined below the "What's on the horizon" section.

You can now pay for purchases with a credit card WITHOUT going through paypal!  As of now, I accept credit cards (stand alone), credit cards through paypal, paypal account payments, money orders/cashiers checks, and personal checks (must clear prior to the grips being mailed out).  All of these options are available to you at checkout.

Now you can sign on for email notification of member only sales!  Just go to the store homepage
( ) and you'll find a link in the welcome message that will put you in the right place to sign up.  I don't send a lot of emails, so no worries about being constantly bothered.  I only send emails when there's something worth saying that you'll want to know.

Now doing NATURAL STAG grips!  I've got a good supplier for the material, so I'm going to fill what appears to be a large gap out there in the market - quality, well made stag grips!

You can now order Sarge's Grips Gift Certificates!  Available on the site in amounts of $25, $50, $75 and $100, but you can get one for any amount $10 or over simply be emailing me.  Give your loved ones the gift of Sarge's Grips, but let them pick out just the right set for themselves.  The perfect gift!

Now on Youtube!  Just search for Sarge's Grips, and it will bring up what is a growing list of videos to answer questions.

What ordering a SOLD set from the site means:
The set is each picture shows the exact set you will receive when you order that set.  If the set has SOLD in the description, it means that THAT particular set is sold, but not necessarily that a new set in the same material (with the natural variations) can't be made.  It's always a good idea to check with me before ordering a SOLD set to check on the material, but as long as the material IS available, the order is taken as a special order for a new set to be made and shipped when ready, and the process will begin with that order being put into the shop for fabrication.  The special order policies apply to the order, including the current turn around time as posted. 

Now on Facebook!
Just search for Sarge's Grips and the page will come up.  Leave a comment or two!
I will be posting grip pics, new materials that have arrived, general news and even random thoughts, so check it out and "like it up"! 
New Desert Ironwood Burl blanks are in!  Pics of them are on the Facebook page!


Effective IMMEDIATELY, actual shipping charge of $7.00 will be charged.  This does include $50 of insurance automatically.  Additional insurance will still be an option on the site if you wish to add it to your order, for an additional charge.  You can find it in the "options category" when ordering.  If you order that option, I will provide you with the label # when your order is shipped, so that you have the information needed to file a claim should it become necessary.  Understand that filing any claim will be up to you.  I will help you with needed information, but I will not be filing the claim or tracking it.  I hope this just gives you more options as a customer, and will help me out with shipping as well.  If you have any questions, just email me and I'll get them answered.

What's on the horizon? 

Now doing NATURAL BONE grips in gov/commander, bobtail, officer, slims or full thickness.  Good stuff!
Turn around time on special orders continues to be a stretched six weeks from order/payment to shipping right now.  I'm trying to get it down, but demand is growing and I can't squeeze any more hours into a day.  Thank you to you all who have made this (wonderful) problem happen. I appreciate your business!
The special Walnut Burl blocks that I picked up continue to offer up the best, most beautiful pieces I've ever seen.  The beauty of nature is truly astounding!
Special orders have come to account for about 95% of the business at this time, so if you know what you want, don't hesitate to contact me at and make a request for your own set, made just the way YOU want it.  No watching the site and hoping to snag the new stuff before anyone else does, just a little wait before they arrive at your door. 

Many of the available options for each set are now available on the listing for that set.  You'll see a blue and white box, usually in the upper left of the description, that will let you add various options to your cart right from the listing without having to go to the options category.
Thank you all for your business.  I appreciate the fact that there are choices out there in grips, and the fact that you come here means much to me.  I will continue to work to earn your business, trust and friendship.    
Always new and cool stuff in the shop and coming to the site!  Beauty abounds, and every set just gets better and better.  Thanks for being here, and enjoy the pics and the beauty of it all!  Remember that the pics shown are the ACTUAL set of grips you're buying. 
Keep those emails coming with suggestions, ideas and comments!  (, or through the "contact us" part of the store).  Thank you for your business, I truly appreciate it!

REMEMBER:  If you don't see what you want, just ask.  About 95% of what I do is special order anyway.  

RETURN/CANCELLATION POLICY - I like my customers to be happy with what I do and will try to ensure that you are happy at every turn.  If something needs to be returned, here are the guidelines:
Manufacturing problem - Return for full refund or store credit, your choice.  This does NOT mean you can return grips after 4 months because you ran over them with your car.  ;)  This means you can return your grips if there is indeed a problem with the way they were made.  After 10 days in your possession, all sales are considered final.
Custom/Special orders - Custom/special orders may be returned for store credit in the amount of 50% of the original quoted price minus any prior shipping charges.   This will apply IF the grips can be used or sold in the future.  If they are for an obscure weapon or are one of a kind with very limited sales potential, then I will handle that on a case by case basis. 
Special orders may not be changed or cancelled once in fabrication, or once special materials have been brought in for those orders.  Of course if what I send you is not what you ordered, then a full refund will be issued.  This mainly applies to people who just change their minds for some reason. 
Standard site products - Return of standard "on site" products will qualify for store credit minus 25% of the purchase price unless prior arrangements for something else are made between the customer and myself.  Of course, returns will need to be in unused condition and will be inspected for that upon arrival back to me.  Any planned refund my be partially or fully forfeited if the grips are returned damaged or showing signs of use.


The best value on the net for the best .45 grips on the net.  Period.  Tell your friends about what you find here, and again, don't be shy about special orders.  Shipping AND postal insurance are a flat rate $3.  Due to changes at the Post Office, it is necessary to put the insurance on all shipments.  At least until they get things figured out and it settles down.  Thanks for being here, I appreciate it and hope you enjoy the beauty of what's in the store today.

I'm getting in new woods all the time, but have to be patient and let them dry properly before putting my anxious paws on them.  Thanks for being here!  Always new stuff being added, so visit back often!

Another question answered:  The pictures of the grips and the description are for THAT UNIQUE set of grips - the set you see in the picture is the actual set that will end up in your cart when you buy them.  There are multiples for some woods, but they all have their own pics and descriptions.  I figured this way you can pick the exact set you like and buy with confidence. 

Please take some time to remember our troops who are doing the job they have sworn to do regardless of political stance.  They deserve so much more, but ask for nothing else.  We should all be truly thankful for their sacrifices. 

Thanks for coming to the site!  I appreciate all of my customers and have gotten to know a few of them to boot.  I'm glad you're here!
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